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Thanks for visiting us. We hope you will find out more about who we are, what we do, what we value and when we meet together. Fairfield Baptist is a friendly, welcoming community of believers from all seasons and walks of life who meet together to experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We really enjoy having new people with us so if you are here visiting Hamilton; new to town and looking for a place to belong and worship; or are wishing to explore the spiritual dimensions of life, we’d love to have you in our services. Whatever the reason, we want you to feel welcome, refreshed and relaxed as you spend time with us.

Devotional 17 December 2017

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season! Rejoice! Christmas is God’s gift that continues long after the holiday season ends. The guests are gone, the decorations put away, but the ministry of Jesus Christ continues in our lives. Luke 2 in the Bible tells us about the lowly...

Devotional 10 December 2017

Can we pause and think about this for a moment: what was in the heart of God, in the sending of our Saviour? No, not a debate on when in His time that might have been, but to consider that it WAS in his heart at all, speaks to who our Father is. We cannot comprehend...

Devotional 26 November 2017

Do you think that God cares what you do with your money? He certainly does! The Bible has 2,500 references about money and how to handle it. That is five times more than faith and prayer! One memorable story Jesus told is The Talents Story (Matt 25: 14-28). At the...

Devotional 19 November 2017

Being an avid gardener, I love to get my hands in the soil and to tend and nurture all kinds of plants--unless, or course, that plant is a weed. I dislike weeds and can be ruthless when I see one in my garden. I do whatever is necessary to snuff out its life--chop it...

Our Sunday morning service is held at 10:00 am each week.  There’s great fellowship, exciting worship, good down to earth and practical teaching from the Word of God that is relevant to the challenges of today’s world. A mother’ room, and creche are available for children under 4. 

You will find us on the corner of Heaphy Terrace and Searancke Place, in Fairfield, Hamilton and you can check us out the map below.

Fairfield Baptist Church

As you explore our website you will find more information about our ministries, activities/groups and events/coming events that are held from the church buildings and in people’s homes.
Our church office is open each Monday to Thursday mornings between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon and our office coordinator can answer any queries.

You can also view sermon notes, download or listen to Sunday messages by clicking on the  link to our sermon audio page