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Free evangelistic tracts

I have put together some very simple evangelistic tracts to give to unbelievers. I have generally found that many of the tracts are aimed at middle class intelligensia and often contain a lot of churchy words and phrases. I am concerned to put something in the hands of people that is relevant, simple, not too wordy and without the Christian jargon we believers are so familiar with. If you would like me to send you a copy, it is in publisher format and all you have to do is put your church name in and print it out. Just email the office.

The tract titles so far are:

  • “Do you like the person you are becoming”. This is aimed at people who think they are good upright citizens and dont need to be saved.
  • “Are you here by accident”. This deals with the evidence for God’s existence and His plan for peoples lives.
  • “Are you concerned about tomorrow”. This is aimed at people living in a changing world facing an uncertain future.
  • “Do you get upset about the terrible things people do to others”.This addresses our intuitive sense of moral rightness and our desire for justice.
  • “What is a real Christian”. This ia aimed at people who may think that seeking to live a good life automatically qualifies them for heaven.

I hope  you find them useful.

Bless ya heaps

Geoff Follas


Send an email to Ross Woodhouse  if you would like one of these sent to you.